openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 - Photo by Fuminobu Takeyama

^photo by Fuminobu Takeyama

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 is an annual summit which gather users, developers and people who are using, developing and involving in openSUSE Project across Asia. This post is a story of me as a local team, as a speaker, as a participant.

Local Team Side

The Preparation

I’m not sure when the preparation is begin, but I’m sure it started in about 2015 when Estu, Edwin, and Utian went to openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan they were propose to create 2016 summit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to openSUSE Asia Board.

After they back to Indonesia, Estu call me and discuss about managing this event Estu: “We will manage openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 here in Yogyakarta” Me: “OK, so, what do I need to do?” Estu: “We need people to manage it, we need a team to initialize this, but let’s finish the event proposal first”

About May 2016, Estu started to develop the proposal for openSUSE Board, I helped the proposal team and added some information about flight route to and from Adisucipto International Airport, fixed typographical error and did proofreading before it sent to the board. It was a mixed feeling after submitted the proposal, because we just propose another event before and rejected, we didn’t have plan B for this situation.

Done with event proposal, it’s time to develop a team. First initialization meetup attended by me, Estu, Siska, Yuni, Agung, Nopal, Anisa, and some folks I can’t remember. But in the middle of the journey, some people leave and left me, Estu, Siska as -core- Local Team. Agung and Anisa still in the team, but not as core team as the trio.

And then we did some radio visit, thank you Ibra for your help to promote us to local radio!

The Volunteer

Done with everything, come my part as ‘Coordinator of Local Volunteer’ to do lots of work. At 30 August 2016, we are calling for volunteers, about 53 people are registered, but we only pick 42 people at that time, and kicked 2 people for some reason. So, here is our troops after additional volunteer are joining

  • Agung Laksana
  • Ahmad Mustafid
  • Ahmad Novian Syah Putra
  • Andrel Karunia Sitanggang
  • Ardhanu Bismo M P
  • Aries Firmansyah
  • Arum Haryati
  • Danang Aji Bimantoro
  • Didik Firmansyah
  • Dini Nur Islami
  • Ernawan
  • Fadqurrosyidik
  • Fatah Nur Rahmawati
  • Feri Andriyansah
  • Ghaida Nurul Rahma Hakiki
  • Ghozi Fawwaz Atstsaqofi
  • Gusfianang Haryarta
  • Hariyanto Wibowo
  • Hariza Noor Perdani
  • Juwita Welly Fitria Putri Ali
  • Khusairi Abdy
  • Muhamad Binsar Dwi Pangestu
  • muhamad rizqi dhiya”ul haq
  • Muhammad Arief
  • Muhammad Fajar Hadil Umam
  • Muhammad Haedar Zhafran Hidayatullah
  • Muhammad Hudalloh
  • Muhammad Raffiudin
  • Mutia Afifah
  • Mutiah Rihul Jannah
  • Nadya pratama putri
  • Nur Rohman
  • Pisca Prasetyo Away Wecan
  • Ramadhan Shalahudin Al Ayyubi
  • ridwan pramudya wardani
  • Rifqi Darmawan
  • Saprianto
  • Tesya Nurintan
  • Tsurayya Ats Tsauri
  • Wulan Syarifatunnujum Iskandar
  • Yovially Maulana
  • Yulia Siti Ambarwati
  • Ziqa Kusuma Agithia Pratama

The interesting part is, Mr. Ernawan is one of our Speaker, registered as Participant and already paid the ticket, and he is also a Volunteer, and what happened to ticket fund? He refund and gave to 2 people who lucky as a prize. Hats off to Mr. Ernawan.

I would say thank you for volunteers to help us made the summit success! You guys are awesome!

Our Volunteer - Photo by GLIB GNU/Linux Bogor

^photo by GNU/Linux Bogor

The Event

As you may know, the event itself held at 1 to 2 October 2016 and pre-event workshop at 30 September 2016. The workshop is did well and we are satisfied with it. But at the end of the day, we found that one of our sponsor left their property at workshop lab and they are disappear. We asked to every-single-human-being in the room to take care of their property and be responsible to it.

Day 0, After Pre-Event Workshop - Photo by openSUSE Indonesia

^photo by openSUSE Indonesia

Day 1

First day of the event made me nervous, it was first day of the event, handling 450 people at a same time in a same place will not easy, but we did it anyway. As the result, registration desk is a mess, people can’t queue and leave the desk in chaos, we are panic, but thanks to Info Desk team to took it under control.

Not much I can say about first day of the event, it was a successful first day, although we are a little disappointed with our performance, but everything run as smooth as silk.

Our first day closed by small chit-chat among Local Team and Volunteers, we talked about ‘today evaluation’ and pursue better performance for next day.

Ah, actually we have dinner with Local Team, Interlocal Team, Volunteers and Speakers at Bale Timoho Restaurant. This is a great experience and our sweat actually paid off that night :grin:. Thanks!

Here, we are talking about Japanese culture with Kentaro Hatori, mostly we are talk about JAV, Hentai and any other ‘weird’ Japanese culture :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Chit-chat with Kentaro Hatori - Photo by Fuminobu Takeyama

Day 2

The last day of summit, stamina already drained, Estu seen exhausted, we are lack of sleep, but we still have spirit to make this more success than first day.

Problem begin when one of our Keynote Speaker’s Assistant ask for internet connection, I ask our Info Desk to talk with our sponsor which will provide internet connection for whole day including workshop and conference day, I tell him to ask what’s the SSID and Password, and my team came with sad news because they didn’t setup the internet since Day 1. So I gave our Keynote Speaker’s Assistant my internet connection, tethered from my phone.

Honestly, I still mad at this single sponsor :triumph:.

At the end of the day, I watched the video from second day activities, and it made me cry, why? Because of our hard work, we successfully managed this event till the last day!

Please click image below to see the video!

Highlight openSUSE Asia Summit 2016 Yogyakarta DAY 2


So, I would say thank you for everyone to made this event happened in my life! For all sponsors, team, volunteers, openSUSE and SUSE board, participants, securities.

As our thank you to the volunteers, we chose one volunteer as best of the best, it’s not means that other volunteers isn’t good, they are the best team, without them, we will give up at the Day 1. Although our volunteers are not paid, they show great effort and great contributions to the event, they are youth and full of energy, they are priceless. So, we decided to chose Muhammad Haedar Zhafran Hidayatullah as the best volunteer! Congratulations for your new shoes! :joy:

Haedar as The Best Volunteer - Photo by openSUSE Indonesia

^photo by openSUSE Indonesia

PS: If you are happy with our volunteer, giving them a lunch will also make them happy :grin:

Thanks, see you at openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 in Japan! I hope.

Team of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016

Full Team - Photo by openSUSE Indonesia

^photo by openSUSE Indonesia